February 17 - 280 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT) from Scheuerle, part of the Transporter Industry International (TII) Group, have been used to load components weighing 7,000 tonnes onto barges.

The components, manufactured by COOEC in Qingdao, China, were transported by the Chinese logistics service provider, Zhejang Lida for the Bowanenkovo gas condensate field in the Yamal Peninsula, Russia.

According to the TII Group, one of the first facilities in the complex to become operational is an LNG gas processing plant which has a capacity of 30 billion cu m of gas per year.

For loading the plant components must be moved a distance of 1 km on a gravel track and then placed on a barge.

The TII Group claims that the Chinese companies COOEC Qingdao, COOEC Zhuhai and Penglai Offshore Jutal, have been heavily involved in the construction of the Yamal project and are planning the production of plant components which weigh up to 10,000 tonnes for additional projects in the future.