December 14 - India's Master Voss International Projects has relocated four spherical LPG tanks, salvaged from a ship being scrapped at the Alang ship breaking yard in India to an offshore anchorage near Ghogha port, where fabrication work could take plac

Post fabrication, each tank, which had a diameter of 16 m and weight of 300 tonnes, was then towed by two tugs to Hanssy Shipping's multipurpose ship, Han Yi, which was positioned at the Bhavnagar anchorage, for subsequent transport to West Africa.
Loading the tanks on the Han Yi was made complicated by heavy currents, which made stabilising the tanks and tugs quite challenging prior to loading via the ship's own gear.

For the lift of each tank, Master Voss used a spreader beam with a safe working load (SWL) limit of 400 tonnes plus four slings each with a SWL limit of 100 tonnes and four shackles, each with a SWL limit of 120 tonnes.

Once onboard, each tank was welded to its saddle, which was then secured via stiffeners along with four I-Beams per tank.

40 wire rope lashings in conjunction with shackles and turnbuckles were then used per tank to secure them.

Earlier this year, Express Global Logistics took a major stake in the ownership of Master Voss International Projects.