December 9 - In the USA, senator John McCain has renewed his attack on the Jones Act, the law that requires ships servicing coastal businesses to be built and mostly staffed by US crews.

According to a Reuters report, McCain who has fought for the repeal of the act for many years, suggests that despite tough opposition it is a battle that can be won if lawmakers keep fighting the trade restriction.

Many oil refiners, manufacturers and state governments oppose the Jones Act, arguing that its conditions prevent domestic cargoes from being carried on cheaper foreign-built and foreign-flagged vessels.

A rare waiver of the act was issued in 2010, when the Department of Homeland Security allowed foreign vessels to bring fuel from Gulf Coast refiners when superstorm Sandy led to fuel shortages at gas stations on the US East Coast. 

McCain, who introduced a bill in 2010 to repeal the act, has said that consumers could save about USD1 billion annually if the Jones Act was lifted. In repost, Jones Act backers say that it promotes jobs in domestic shipbuilding.