August 27 - Marseilles-based materials handling and lifting company Mediaco Maxilift has won an ESTA Award by the European Association for Heavy Transport and Mobile Cranes for work it undertook on a significant bridge contract in Landevennes, France.

Mediaco Maxilift used a Demag CC2800 600 tonne capacity to fit two anchorage boxes for pendent suspensions on the 515 m span new Terenez suspension bridge. The pendants, which were affixed to the top of the masts holding the bridge, each weighed 118 tonnes and had to be raised to a height of 77 m.

Meanwhile, the company recently completed a significant installation of five windmills at a height of almost 100 m. The company lifted the windmills to a height of 97 m using a 64 tonne LTM 11200-9.1.