July 26 - Megalift Malaysia has transported six condenser components and a generator stator for the Jimah East Power coal-fired power plant, Malaysia.

Megalift Malaysia transported the cargoes from Port Klang to the site in Jimah.

The condenser components measured 7 m x 5.3 m x 9.6 m each and had a total weight of 75 tons (68 tonnes), while the stator weighed 462 tons (419 tonnes) and measured 10.95 m x 6.8 m x 5.47 m.

At Port Klang, the cargoes were offloaded onto barges for transportation to the jetty at the Jimah site. According to Megalift, the barge width had to be within 60 ft (18.2 m) in order to allow the vessel's derrick crane to reach as close as possible to the centre of the barge, in order to maintain the barge's stability.

Upon arrival at Jimah, the cargoes were discharged promptly to ensure completion of the roll-off operation before the change in tide.

The engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) contractor for the power plant is the IHI-Toshiba-Hyundai consortium.