January 14 - Meriaura Group has agreed to purchase two 4,700 dwt VG EcoCoaster general cargo vessels from Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes.

Each vessel's hull and machinery has been optimised to work most efficiently at a speed of 10.5 knots in open water. The vessels will be equipped with a dual fuel system, the main engine suitable for biofuel and marine gas oil. The power required to achieve Ice Class 1A notation is delivered by a diesel electric booster unit. The aim is to almost halve the fuel consumption compared to conventional dry cargo vessels of similar type and size, and therefore also cut emissions remarkably.
"Our goal is that in five years' time at least 50 percent of our fleet consists of fuel efficient and low emission EcoCoasters that are run by biofuel produced of recycled oils. Designing of a larger EcoCoaster is under process" says Jussi Ma?lkia?, president of Meriaura Group.

Meriaura is a Finnish shipping company specialising in demanding project cargo and transporting industrial bulk and raw materials.