VG-Shipping, a member of Meriaura Group, has acquired a 3,000 dwt dry cargo vessel.

The 86 m-long, 1A ice classed vessel will be under the management of a German partner and chartered by Meriaura. Named Helena, the ship was built in 2011.

“In the current small tonnage operating in the Baltic Sea, the 3,000-tonne size is rare, as there have been very few new ships built to this size range in the last 20 years,” said Meriaura.

In addition to the acquisition, Meriaura has time chartered a 4,500 dwt ship named Nordersand. “We have responded to capacity shortage in both the 3,000 and 4,000 dwt categories. After the dry cargo market accelerated in the late autumn, we were unable to meet the growing transport demand, but now the matter has been solved,” explained Beppe Rosin, managing director of Meriaura.

Helena (formerly Rochefort) will be handed over to Meriaura on March 1, 2021.