February 4 - Maritima Tuscor Lloyds Spain, part of the UK-based heavy lift specialist, freight forwarder and agent Tuscor Lloyds, has completed a heavy lift project shipment consisting of a 65 m, 210 tonne reactor platform from Aviles in northern Spain to

The consignment consisted of two items, the shorter of the two pieces was 7.5 x 2.5 x 2.9 m and weighed 21 tonnes.

Whilst the majority of this shipment could be transported using 'traditional' methods, the 65 m long piece required the use of two mobile transport platforms and a police escort to the port of loading. It was two miles (3.21 km) from the shipper's warehouse facility to the Port of Aviles in the North of Spain. "It was a short distance," said Ricardo Mejíaof Tuscor Lloyds Spain, "but it felt like an eternity getting there."

"We have a wealth of experience within the field of project cargoes as well as extensive knowledge of shipping to Latin America."

Maritima Tuscor Lloyds Spain operates offices in Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid. Tuscor Lloyds has been heavily involved in several recent large logistics projects in Mexico. This shipment is part of a series bound for Cangrejera, Mexico.