August 22 - Emmert International has arranged for the transportation of a 295 tonnes (650,000 lbs) press from Canada on a McKeil Marine deck barge across the Great Lakes through the Port of Milwaukee to a Scot Forge plant in Illinois.

The piece was transloaded using a Goldhofer trailer to the Canadian Pacific Rail, which switches into the Port of Milwaukee daily, for final destination in Illinois.
Emmert is using a specially designed Schnabel rail car inside the Port's heavy lift dock. Track 14 was found to be ideal with straight track more than one mile in length.

The volume of the platen is 98.97 cu m, with a height of 4.12 m (13 feet 6 ins).

Scot Forge is the premier provider of high-quality metal forging solutions delivering the largest range of open die forging capabilities.

The port's capabilities of being able to handle oversized and / or overweight freight has also been receiving the attention of Wisconsin Department of Transportation and Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, says the port authority.

Both agencies, in cooperation with the City of Milwaukee's traffic and engineering department, are cooperatively working to preserve an street routes for such cargoes that are going to and from the port to support SE Wisconsin's heavy manufacturing industry.

Additionally, a statewide corridor map for such cargoes is being developed as part of the Wisconsin's State Freight Plan.