May 31 - Modulift has launched a combined lifting and spreader beam utilising a clamp system that provides an adjustable beam, enabling users to lift from multiple points top and bottom.

Modulift conceptualised the adjustable lifting/spreader beam (MOD CLS) in response to demand from sectors where light industrial lifting scenarios inside or outside factory environments are commonplace. The fully adaptable system lends itself to applications where flexibility and speed is key to productivity, says Modulift.

The beam is being introduced in one size of up to 8.5-tonne capacity, depending on configuration, but offered with four clamps as standard to adjust the lifting points to enable flexibility between a single top lifting point (lifting beam) or double top lifting points (spreader beam).

According to Modulift, the clamps are pre-assembled on the beam together with markers to show alignment and the centre of lift, and can be adapted to suit with up to an additional four clamps on the bottom side of the beam, enabling additional lifting points. If more points are needed, the system can also be designed as a H-Frame.

Ian Locke, senior design engineer at Modulift, said: "Despite a host of individual component features, the product stands out as an entire lifting system, not just a spreader, lifting beam or clamp."

The MOD CLS will be manufactured to a minimum stock level and stocked as a boxed product for immediate shipping and to facilitate next day availability for Modulift's global distribution network, while plans are already afoot to offer another model with a higher working load limit (WLL).