July 5 - Spanish crane rental company Gruas Deca has used a mobile crane rigged with Modulift spreader beams to replace roof sections at Estadio Municipal de Balaídos - the stadium of La Liga football club Celta Vigo.

The 650-tonne capacity Terex Demag crane with a 60 m telescopic boom was equipped with one MOD 110H and two MOD 70H spreader beams to remove the 85-tonne concrete tiles, which had the dimensions 21 m x 8 m x 5.6 m, from the stadium roof.

The project was overseen by engineering and construction company Pescaira, which was required to complete removal of the old roof in a three-week period as part of repair works scheduled for the football close season.

The MOD 110H spreader was used at 7 m length and the MOD 70H units at 3 m; while both beams were combined with two 80-tonne capacity polyester round slings and eight 40 mm endless wire rope slings.

Steel supports in the construction of the roof sections facilitated the attachment of the wire slings using shackles, explained Modulift.

During the dismantling process, each roof tile was detached from adjoining sections and supporting pillars, but only after the rigging was connected to each tile and the crane operator was ready to take control of the lifting operation.

A guide rope was used to support lowering procedures. The crane could complete three lifts with the outriggers in one position before it was de-rigged and moved to the next location.