October 7 - Mortrans Ltd has handled the shipment of more than 200 individual consignments of a steam turbine power generation plant.

The consignments arrived in St Petersburg from various exit ports in Western Europe via six separate shipments.

Each of the 200-plus consignments had different dimensions and weights. There were more than 50 out-of-gauge items including a 128 tonne generator and 130 tonne condenser with transport height exceeding 5 m.

The most complicated leg of transport route was the oncarriage via the highway from the PLP terminal in St Petersburg to the job site of the South-West Power plant though the central boulevards and avenues of the city.

As a result of the height of some items, the intervention of the State power network was necessary, and traffic police accompanied the consignments on the whole route.

Delivery of the various shipments continued over a five month period.