January 10 - In the UK, PD Ports Group has welcomed the world's first purpose-built wind turbine installation vessel into the Port of Hartlepool - the 'MPI Adventure'.

The MPI Adventure arrived during December 2012 and it was the first time that the Port of Hartlepool handled a vessel of this size.

The MPI Adventure will be deployed on the Teesside Offshore Windfarm Project, for which the Port of Hartlepool will be the main construction logistics hub.

Jerry Hopkinson, PD Ports' managing director, bulks, ports and logistics, said: "The arrival of the MPI Adventure highlights our capability to handle large, industry class offshore vessels at the Port of Hartlepool whilst further demonstrating our continued progression and growing strength in this sector."

The Teesside Offshore Windfarm Project - developed by EDF Energy Renewables - will require the MPI Adventure to transport 27 turbines out to sea approximately 1.5 km off the shore of Redcar.

And according to Peter Robinson, managing director, MPI Offshore Ltd: "MPI is delighted to be involved with this challenging project and look forward to completing the installation of 27 wind turbines in a safe and timely manner.

"We are proud to be part of the PD Ports and EDF Renewable Energy teams in bringing this offshore renewable energy facility to Teesside," Robinson added.

EDF project manager Tim Bland noted that the MPI Adventure is much more weather-tolerant than the previous vessel deployed on the construction project, therefore offers the best opportunity to complete the offshore development over the winter period.