August 26 - Nautilus International Holding Corp., along with its subsidiaries Metro Ports, Metro Cruise Services, Metro Shore Services and Metro Risk Management, is moving into a new facility in Long Beach, California.

Having been headquartered in Wilmington for over 91 years, Nautilus is moving into a new building in Douglas Park. Groundbreaking for the new facility will occur in September-October of this year, with an expected completion date in December 2015.

The new 40,000 sq ft (3,716 sq m) facility will house approximately 80 personnel, with the capacity to exceed 120.

"Having recently finalised negotiations for a 20-year operating agreement with the Port of Long Beach, moving to the city of Long Beach is a concrete demonstration of our nine-decade long relationship with both the city and port," said Nautilus' chief operating officer Michael Giove.