January 27 - Engineering solutions provider Costain has selected NaviSite hybrid cloud hosting services to support the roll-out of its complex Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL) application for Highways England in the UK.

Highways England asked Costain to deliver an innovative solution that would comply with complex UK legislation requiring highways authorities, structure owners and the police to be notified of vehicles and their loads exceeding standard dimensions.

Costain developed the ESDAL application to automate this process and has chosen NaviSite to provide a secure and scalable hosting solution.

ESDAL is now available as a free service to local councils, government departments and private companies through Highways England's ESDAL website.

Graham Stacey, highways technology director at Costain, commented: "The national road network is undergoing significant upgrades, and our highways clients look to us to deliver innovative technologies to help them improve the road network across the UK… The new cloud based platform will enable us to further develop the ESDAL solution and take advantage of new and emerging technologies."

HLPFI is publishing a feature on road haulage in the next issue of the magazine, March/April 2016. If you have any comments on the ESDAL system in the UK, or similar systems around the world, please contact the HLPFI editorial team at editorial@heavyliftpfi.com.