December 16 - Steelwind Nordenham has safely transported a 1,000 tonne monopile foundation using four NBR C250 heavy-duty trailers, developed by Switzerland headquartered NBR Offshore Logistics.

Based in Germany, Steelwind manufactures monopile foundations for use in the wind energy sector. It used the NBR C250 units to move the 70 m long, 8 m wide and 9 m tall structure at its manufacturing plant.

Steel Wind has purchased eight NBR crawlers to assist with the movement of huge monopile structures at its facilities. In the future, six NBR crawlers will be mobilised to move a 120 m long, 10 m wide foundation weighing 1,500 tonnes.

The NBR crawler is designed to be an alternative to the traditional SPMT. These heavy-duty transport units use a flat load platform sitting above a pair of crawler tracks. Up to 20 NBR crawlers can be synchronised using a radio or cable connection to handle super heavy loads. 

A report on the capabilities of the NBR crawler can be found in the May/June 2014 edition of HLPFI.

According to NBR Offshore Logistics, demand is growing for its trailer range in both the wind and oil and gas sectors. One project NBR is currently consulting on is for the transport of 56 wind turbines up a mountain, where 20 degree inclines will have to be negotiated.