January 16 - A new joint venture covering transport, shipping and installation of heavy and/or 'out-of-gauge' cargo has been established by three industry veterans.

Transport Shipping Installation (TSI) solutions, based in Svendborg, Denmark has brought together the talents and expertise of two Danish and one UK forwarder: Peter Gottwald Engineering of Denmark, the UK's Damo andPorthos Independent Maritime of Denmark.

Each of the trio of companies brings a particular skill to the TSI solutions joint-venture. Master mariner Eskild P. Kristensenis is an expert in logistics in offshore projects, co-ordination and liaison MWS, ports, agents and owners, vessel suitability assessments and reports including chartering, on/off-hire reports & condition surveys, HSE assessments and method statements, manuals and description of transport solutions.

Maurice Race of Damo has engineering and project management experience in the movement and/or installation of heavy lifts associated with the construction of refineries and chemical plants; offshore developments; power stations at various locations around the world, while Peter Gottwald is focused on engineering of heavy lift transports on seagoing vessels and barges for various clients including offshore operations.