January 11- Fagioli has partnered with RINA Services on the installation of the topsides for the platform at the Hebron oil field, located offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

A massive 45,000-tonne utilities process module was shipped from South Korea to the Bull Arm site in Newfoundland. At the Bull Arm site a substantial portion of the topside has already been integrated, including the living quarter module, which was installed using a heavy lift barge. 

RINA Services carried out detailed technical analysis to verify the design, structure and stability of the modules. 

Dino Cervetto, director technical services at RINA Services, stressed the importance of this analysis, stating: "Because of the height of the structure any small movement of the barge would be greatly amplified at the top of the module. Ensuring stability was necessary for successful transportation and installation." 

The Hebron field has undergone significant development and first oil from this new expansion is scheduled for late 2017.