June 8 - Christina Andersen-Martin has been promoted to the new managing director of Singapore-based Andersen Shipping Company, succeeding her younger brother Oliver Andersen (33) at the family-controlled business

Oliver Andersen, who is leaving the family business to pursue a career in another corner of the shipping world, said: "It is a chance of a lifetime, and I simply couldn't say 'no' - even though my heart still beats for the family company which we have built together."

Christina Andersen-Martin has a long pedigree in the business and worked in Houston for 12 years in various roles before her father, Mogens Andersen, called her to Singapore to join the family-owned Andersen Shipping (at that time Nordana Asia) as liner manager.

As MD, she will have overall responsibility for the company's operations and says: "Over the years we have continuously expanded our operations and we intend do so in the future. Andersen Shipping has gone from three to more than 20 employees and we intend to continue this expansion. The scope of our success has been our liner services, port agency and project chartering activities. Now, we have expanded into the bulk sector and have two experienced dry cargo shipbrokers on the team."

Mogens Andersen, who is company chairman, said: "I'm absolutely confident that she can develop the company along the paths that we have been travelling with our staff for so many years."

Andersen Shipping Company was founded as Nordana Asia in 1999 by Mogens and Oliver Andersen and their Danish partner. The name was changed when the family took full control of the business in October 2007. The company has a long pedigree in project and heavy lift cargoes, both as a broker and as an operator, as well as long experience in ships agency services.