February 11 - NBR Offshore Logistics has added a new 350-tonne capacity crawler loading platform - the C400PL - to its crawler transporter range.

The C400PL is a heavy transport unit with a 5 m x 6 m flat load platform on top of a pair of crawler tracks, which can be used alone, in pairs or synchronised with up to 20 units under large loads - the crawlers can be used as an alternative to heavy lift wheeled transporters, such as SPMTs.

The transport speed of the model under full load is 0.5 km/h, and a multiple angle tilt function on the load platform allows it to remain flat while the crawler unit follows undulations in the ground.

Power is provided by a 306 kW power pack unit with MTU diesel engine, and the hydrostatic track drive allows the model to deal with a 21.4 percent maximum gradient.

The models can also be built as divisible units if they are required to be transported on flat racks or in open top containers.