January 22 - 2013 will see Australia roll out a new rulebook of national laws and regulations for heavy lift land moves - with the aim on unifying what is a fragmented system.

Australia's first national heavy vehicle regulator - Heavy Vehicle National Law (NHVR) - was launched today, managing NHVAS accreditation, performance based standards design and vehicle approval.

The NHVR will provide a set of laws for all heavy vehicles across all states of Australia.  The goal of the policy is to reduce compliance costs across borders by streamlining regulations, and to improve productivity for logistics companies.

The NHVR new website was also launched today, providing detailed information about the new regulations, as well as the ability to register vehicles and pay fees upfront, online. It can be visited here: www.nhrv.gov.au

Detailed information regarding the new heavy lift transport regime in Australia can be read in the November/December edition of HLPFI magazine, written by Australasia correspondent Dave MacIntyre.

Please follow the link to view HLPFI November/December online: www.heavyliftpfi.com/content/issue.aspx