August 7 - dship Carriers (d.ship) is a new ocean shipping company, which will operate a variety of multipurpose breakbulk, heavy lift, and bulk vessels.

d.ship will have regional offices in Houston, Bremen, Singapore and Tokyo to cover the areas of the Americas, EMEA, Southeast Asia, and Asia, respectively.

The new line has been launched by the Press family, which also owns the deugro Group.

Together, these two brands comprise a global organisation with approximately 1,000 full-time employees in 35 countries, owned and managed by the third generation of the Press family, Thomas C. Press.

d.ship manages and operates a variety of multi-purpose breakbulk, heavy lift, and bulk vessels with capacities ranging from 5,000 DWAT to 50,000 DWAT, and combined crane capacities of up to 500 metric tons, allowing for a variety of fully customisable services and will have a close working relationship with MLB Manfred Lauterjung Befrachtung of Emden, Germany, which was established in 1997 and is responsible for the commercial employment and chartering of the Lauterjung Fleet, as well as affiliated owners.

"We have witnessed a growing trend in the industry, whereby two similar product lines, project forwarding and project shipping, have started to diverge. As the industry has partly changed its business model and began to address its chartering needs directly with ocean carriers, and not through project freight forwarders, we too have adapted and are launching d.ship as a new project ocean carrier," Press said.

An official statement said that both deugro and d.ship are fully independent in their operations; d.ship will develop its own business as a global ocean carrier, while the deugro Group will continue to focus on the traditional project forwarding business model, including chartering with ocean carriers that the company has valued and utilised during its 90 years of operation.

The d.ship offices will be staffed with industry experts in chartering, naval engineering, stowage planning, and other related maritime services.