October 6 - Mammoet has transported four legs to the USA for the construction of the New York Wheel, which will stand at 192 m tall when complete.

The legs, which were fabricated in Italy by manufacturer Walter Tosto, were shipped into the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal at the Port of New York and New Jersey on board the heavy lift vessel Palabora, which is under the commercial management of BBC Chartering.


Leg sections arrive in New York on board the multipurpose ship Palabora.


The four legs, which are the first wheel components to arrive in the USA that will be installed above ground, each weigh over 500 tonnes and will measure 5.4 m wide by 83 m high when erected. Each leg is made up of two parts measuring 42 m and 41 m high respectively.

The legs will be installed using Mammoet's cranes and self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT). Once in place, the legs will provide support for the wheel and will be topped with a brace hub and spindle.

The New York Wheel is being constructed near the northern tip of Staten Island - about 35 m from the shores of the New York Harbour. The attraction is scheduled to open to the public early in 2018.


The legs will be transported and installed using Mammoet's SPMTs and cranes.


HLPFI reported in November 2015 that Mammoet had formed a joint venture with Dutch engineering company Starneth to design and construct the New York Wheel

Mammoet Starneth is responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the wheel.

Mammoet USA will coordinate the construction and transport of components for the giant observation wheel, engineering multiple erection procedures and procuring all necessary parts from around the world.

In total the company will erect around 10,000 tonnes of steel for the project.


An artist's impression of the New York Wheel.