November 4 - 32 axle lines of Nicolas MHD transporters were utilised to move a 252-tonne liquid separator from Al Jubail in Saudi Arabia to a gas refinery operated by Aramco in Khursaniyah.

The project took place in challenging desert conditions, with blistering heat and sandy terrain requiring extremely robust vehicles. The day of the transport saw strong winds added to the already difficult conditions, creating extensive sand drifts on the roads.
The hydraulic axle packer of the Nicolas heavy-duty module came into its own on the uphill climbs, stabilising the load on the 30 km desert that formed the last part of the route. The situation became even challenging at the refinery site itself, thanks to a steep drop at right angles to the planned route, said Nicolas.
The Nicolas MHD was able to negotiate the conditions without problem, before positioning the separator on a pre-prepared sub-structure at the final jobsite.