July 28 - Through the application of an innovative new loading system, NYK Line (Deutschland) GmbH was recently able to ship four moulds for wind turbine blades, each measuring up to 800 cu m and 50 m in length, which is approximately twice the size of th

The moulds - essential for the booming wind energy industry - were intended for Xingang in China and had been produced in Denmark. They were shipped through Bremerhaven, in close cooperation with Atlantik Hafenbetriebe (AHB), BaltShip A/S and BLG AutoTerminal, on NYK's pure car/truck carrier Garnet Leader.

The system that made the consignment of this project cargo possible incorporates the use of two roll trailers, one at the front and one at the rear of each unit. This method was developed by local shipping-services company AHB, carefully assessed by NYK's London and Tokyo offices and then successfully applied by the terminal operator, BLG Auto Terminal.

To adapt to the changing requirements of the project market, this system can now be used for similar shipments throughout NYK's worldwide ro-ro network, helping to satisfy the wind power industry's growing demand to move this type of cargo.