July 5 - Two wind turbines of a type to be located off the Dutch-German shore are to be erected onshore for testing and development purposes at Eemshaven, the Netherlands.

Two Repower 6M (6.15 MW) wind turbines will be placed on land at Eemshaven at the Westereems windmill site of power company, RWE/Essent. One of the windmills will be erected on the property of Wagenborg Stevedoring.

The turbines arrived in Eemshaven on Wagenborg Shipping's Mississippiborg. The components were offloaded with the assistance of a 750-tonne crawler crane.

Construction of the turbine on the Wagenborg Stevedoring premises has commenced, using A LR11350 crawler crane with a power boom was utilised.

The hub itself is 22 m long, 6.3 m wide and 7.0 m high. The tip of the wing will reach a height of a 177 m. Transport of the large parts of the turbines has been handled by Wagenborg Nedlift. Both turbines together can provide power to over 10,000 households.

RWE/Essent is building these two turbines on land to gain experience in building, maintaining and operating the turbines. Eventually, it plans to build 48 of these wind turbines at the North Sea location Windpark Nord See Ost, 30 km from Bremerhaven, to the north of the German island Helgoland.It is expected that the turbines in Eemshaven will become operational during 2012.