January 2 - Coordinadora has transported two concrete gravity-based structures, weighing 11,700 tonnes and 10,900 tonnes respectively, from Cartagena, Spain to Invergordon in Scotland.

You can read a detailed focus on this project on page 123 of HLPFI's November/December 2014 edition.

The scope of Coordinadora's work included coordination of the towing operations in Cartagena; planning and executing the flo-flo loading plan; supervision of the weight spreading and securing arrangements; transport via chartered semi-submersible vessel; flo-flo unloading operations in Invergordon; and towing to the final delivery place using three tugs.

Coordinadora explained that there were few vessels able to carry the structures, due to their maximum respective drafts of 10.5 m and 10 m, as well as the geographical conditions and timing of the project. The larger module had to be fitted with air lifting bags in order to reduce the draft below the required operational limits.

The concrete gravity-based structures were shipped onboard Cosco Shipping's semi-submersible heavy lift vessel, Xia Zhi Yuan 6.