July 5 - Since January, Trans.Al Logistic has been delivering steel and glass components for the construction of the facade of the new Grand Egyptian Museum.

According to Pangea Logistics Network, of which Trans.Al Logistic is a member in Germany, the logistics company will deliver 1,600 tonnes of steel and glass components for the project, which is expected to be completed in October.

The cargo, originating in Germany and China, is being delivered to Egypt with assistance from fellow Pangea network members; Unitex Logistics Limited, partner in Shenzhen, China, and Star Link Shipping & Trading, partner in Alexandria, Egypt.

The facade will measure 45 m high and 600 m wide, and will include thousands of triangular glass pieces of different sizes. As the storage space at the site is limited, Trans.Al Logistic has to adjust the weekly deliveries of the containers to tie-in with the construction schedule.

The glass pieces are being transported from the factory in Germany to the Port of Trieste in Italy, for onward transportation to Alexandria Port.

Star Link Shipping & Trading handles the offloading of the containers at Alexandria Port and loads the cargoes on to trucks for the final transportation and delivery to the construction area.

According to Pangea, all parties involved have access to an online interface for sharing information and reviewing the plan and progress of the construction and the supplies.

The Grand Egyptian Museum will be situated approximately 2 km away from the Giza pyramid plateau, and will house more than 100,000 artefacts.