June 19 - In Paraguay, the sister company of Paramar, which recently joined the Project Partners network, has added its first super heavy-duty modular trailer and claims it is one of the first in the country, as well as one of few available in the region.

Paranave says that its new equipment purchased from China Heavy Lift is capable of transporting up to 540 tonnes, through a 12 axle lines trailer, comprising three modules of four axle lines, each of which is fully interchangeable and adaptable according to cargo sizes and weights.

The company has also acquired a new 460 HP prime mover.

Headquartered in Asuncion, Paramar is the freight forwarding arm of a large group of companies including ships agency, Navemar; Paranave - which offers feeder services for containerised and project cargoes between Asuncion, Montevideo and Buenos Aires - and Terport, a modern container and specialised project cargo terminal at San Antonio.

Within the group's fleet is the Par 6001 deck barge, pictured here, which was built in 2007 and is designed to handle both containerised and rolling cargoes. It is equipped with a stern ramp and has a maximum deck loading capacity of 15 tonnes/sq m.