June 18 - Pasha Hawaii has launched its LA-Hawaii Express (LHX) service, providing the islands with increased frequency and more capacity to support the growing Hawaii economy.

The direct service is operated by two vessels that will call Los Angeles every Wednesday and will arrive in Honolulu every Sunday. Barge connections link the LA-Hawaii Express service to all neighbouring islands with one to two days of additional transit.

The LA-Hawaii Express complements Pasha's CA-Hawaii Express (CHX), which provides a weekly triangle service connecting Honolulu, Oakland, and Los Angeles. 

One of the vessels in the LA-Hawaii Express rotation is the newly built Marjorie C, a combination container and ro-ro vessel that is able to carry all sizes and types of rolling cargo.

In addition to the LA-Hawaii Express and the CA-Hawaii Express, Pasha Hawaii operates Jean Anne, a bi-weekly ro-ro vessel service between San Diego and Honolulu, Kahului and Hilo. The ship's heavy-duty ramp permits the transportation of oversize building materials, construction equipment, military equipment, and industrial and commercial rolling stock, says Pasha.