August 14 - UK-headquartered Project Cargo Network (PCN) is marking the second anniversary since its foundation, having grown its presence over that time to now represent 148 members in 78 countries.

PCN chairwoman, Rachel Humphrey says: "PCN has grown tremendously in strength and reputation since we established in August 2010. Importantly, we have achieved an excellent internet presence - type 'project cargo' into any search engine and our network appears."

She notes that the PCN website receives thousands of visitors every month and this exposure, coupled with the network's presence at the world's leading exhibitions (including events in the oil and gas, construction, power and energy sectors) and articles in the industry media are powerful business tools.

Humphrey remarks: "With collective annual revenues of USD1,905 billion, PCN is now larger than many multinational companies, and these numbers are rising every week."

PCN will hold its 2012 Annual Summit in the Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay at Mamallapuram near Chennai, India between November 19 and 20.