July 1 - Aaras Shipping Agencies, a Project Cargo Network (PCN) representative in Pakistan, has delivered heavy machinery for a hydroelectric power station from Karachi to Muzaffarabad, a distance of 1,593 km.

Daewoo Engineering and Shipping Co, Ltd Oman nominated Aaras Shipping Agencies to complete the complex project, which was made up of 179 packages with a combined weight of 1,020 tonnes.
Aaras Shipping Agencies conducted the road surveys, provided stevedoring services, loaded the units onto trailers, arranged Customs clearance of the shipment, and on forwarding to Muzaffarabad.
"It was really an unforgettable journey, there are many other shipments for the same project that are yet to come", said Masood Ahmed, business development manager at Aaras Shipping Agencies.