March 16 - The Project Cargo Network (PCN) members have transported oversized cargo around the world.

Canadian PCN member, Canaan Shipping, has transported machinery from China to its client's facility in British Columbia, Canada.

Canaan utilised its airfreight department to transport the two pieces of equipment, which weighed almost 18,000 kg (18 tonnes).

The oversized dimensions of the consignment meant it had to be shipped on a Boeing 747 aircraft in order to load through the nose of the plane.

Canaan used a service from Shanghai Pudong International Airport to deliver the shipment to the client's facility, via Los Angeles International Airport.



Indian PCN member Express Global Logistics (EXG) was contracted by the Indian Army and the United Nations (UN) to deliver cargoes from Delhi and Mumbai, India to Jubar and Bor in South Sudan.

The first shipment of cargo was a total of 75 pieces including dump trucks, front-end loaders, road rollers, tractors, buses, forklifts, water treatment plants, concrete mixers, welding trailers and other military equipment. The total shipment weighed 596 tonnes.