August 1 - The Project Cargo Network (PCN) has welcomed its third and final member in Chile, Faser Cargo Chile y Compa

Faser Cargo has five offices across the country: Santiago, Santiago Airport, Valparaiso, San Antonio and Los Andes.
Faser Cargo's project manager and director, Felipe Serrano Marcet, commented: "Faser Cargo is a logistics and international transportation company specialising in trades from Asia, USA, Europe, Canada and South America.
"For any project, we can coordinate all import and export operations from the origin to the final destination which includes all services in between within the supply chain."
Recently, Faser Cargo completed the shipment of a bending machine from Brazil to Chile. The company was involved from the very beginning of the operation, taking care of the handling and Customs clearance of the machinery, as well as the inland transportation to the final destination.
The USD800,000 bending machine was received by the customer in perfect condition.