March 29 - The Project Cargo Network (PCN) members have completed several projects, transporting oversized cargo around the world.

CEA Project Logistics has transported 13 Komatsu 830 trucks from the CEA Free Trade Zone in Laem Chabang Port, Thailand to Russia.

After being in storage for one year, the trucks underwent inspection before being loaded onto AAL's Dampier for the transportation to Russia. 



Darka, PCN member in Sudan and South Sudan, has transported of 233 pieces of equipment to Port Sudan, for one of the United Nations peace keeping forces.

Darka was responsible for the Customs clearance, loading, vessel handling and stevedoring.


PCN member in Hong Kong, OLA Logistics has transported two truck cranes, each weighing 32,000 kg (32 tonnes) and measuring 13 m x 2.55 m x 3.5 m, from Nansha port, China.



Westlink Logistics, member in Australia, has transported ammonia flow control units to several locations in the USA for power industry projects.

Westlink's scope of work included project management, operational supervision and coordination, ocean freight, cranage, transportation to site, customs and quarantine clearance.



Meanwhile, German PCN member Intertransport GRUBER has transported a large plastic tank, measuring 16.6 m x 3.25 m x 3.25 m and weighing 6.8 tonnes.

The tank was shipped from Hamburg in Germany to Alexandria in Egypt on a Mafi trailer, on board the Grande Roma.



MAC Logistic International Group, PCN member in Brazil, has shipped two slag pots, weighing 30 tonnes each, from Shanghai Port, China to Santos Port, Brazil.



Centauro, PCN member in Argentina has handled the shipment of 79 pieces of General Electric (GE) equipment from Shanghai, China to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This shipment had a total weight of 273 tonnes, and was loaded on board Thorco's Rico.

Topline Express Logistics, PCN member in China, acted as agent in Shanghai handling the coordination with the shipper, loading port and shipping line. The shipment is scheduled to arrive at Buenos Aires Port by mid April.