February 13 - Project Cargo Network (PCN) members have been busy moving oversized cargo around the globe.

Italian PCN member, Fortune International Transport has completed the delivery of a turbine and its machinery to India, from Florence.

PCN member in Qatar, Conxion Logistics & Heavy Equipment, has transported 628 pieces of concrete segments for the Qatar Rail - Doha Metro Red Line North Elevated Project.

The pieces had measurements of up to 7.5 m x 4.5 m x 2.0 m and weighed between 55-70 tonnes.

PCN member in Oman, Muscat International Shipping & Logistics (MIS) has completed the transportation and installation of four Voltamp 20mva transformers (approximately 40 tonnes each) as well as their accessories from Sohar to the Khasab RAECO Power Station.

The offloading and assembly of the transformers were performed using a 500-tonne capacity crane, while the accessories were installed using a 25-tonne capacity crane.

Australian PCN member, Project Shipping has transported a 170-ton (154-tonne) workboat, which had dimensions of 23.16 m x 7.23 m x 8.70 m, from Jurong Port, Singapore to Port Hedland in western Australia.

The boat was lifted onto the vessel's deck using its own cranes and then lashed by chains before beginning the ten day voyage.

Meanwhile, FREJA Transport & Logistics (PCN member in Denmark, Finland and Norway) has completed the third shipment of engines from Japan to Europe.

The engines were loaded in Japan on a chartered heavy vessel.

In a separate project, Canadian PCN member, Convoy Logistics Providers, in cooperation with Ukrainian member, Farcont Project and German member, Intertransport GRUBER, has arranged the shipment of two transfer casks from the USA to Ukraine, destined for the Chernobyl Power Plant's dry storage systems.

Convoy Logistics Providers along with its fellow PCN members, transported the two transfer casks, each weighing 68.5 tonnes, as well as two top lids, two frame plug and parts, two alignment rings and two shielding rings.