Peters & May has organised the delivery of two 620-tonne warships from Belgium to Pakistan on United Heavy Lift’s (UHL) multipurpose vessel Fame.

Peters and May

The operation, which was Peters & May’s heaviest and longest double-ship movement, used 1.35 km of cable to lash and secure the two war ships. 16 slings and Fame’s cranes were used to lift the warships.

The receiving deck was supplemented with heavy lift platforms that helped spread the loads in order to prevent damage to the deck. For structural integrity during the voyage, cradling under the hulls was installed by Peters & May.

Loading was a major operation, requiring two senior loadmasters and two trainee loadmasters. Each ship required around two days to prepare lifting gear and to lift the cradle into place. A whole further day was required to complete the lashings aboard Fame.

Simon Judson, ceo of Peters & May, said: “Our strength lies in our experienced technical department and our loadmasters’ combined knowledge and experience ensures a safe loading of large vessels like these.”