May 19 - Around 200 steel pipes, each measuring 40 m in length, have been transported from Turkey to the Port of Gothenburg for use in the construction of a new tunnel being built in the Swedish city.

The consignment is the first of two lots to be transported to the port for use in the Marieholm Tunnel, which is a new road tunnel being constructed under the river.

The pipes, which have a 1.6 m diameter, arrived at DFDS' ro-ro terminal in the Port of Gothenburg from their manufacturing site in Turkey. Once the vessel had berthed at the Swedish gateway, the pipes were unloaded using a 50 m high crane built especially for this unusual load.

"The pipes are so long that they cannot be transported by road," explained Patrick Andersson Whiteman of AB Carl Lundvall - the company responsible for the transport and coordination of the project.

The cargo will now be transported by barge to Marieholm where the new tunnel is being built. The tunnel is scheduled for completion in 2020.