September 16 - Mammoet has installed the second section of the TK tunnel in Warsaw, Poland.

In order to save the Polish city's residents from lengthy delays, Mammoet decided to use a rapid replacement solution, which requires the replacement bridge/tunnel to be constructed on site and the old structure to be removed only when its replacement is ready for operation - reducing the amount of time an existing bridge/tunnel is out of action.

In this case, the 3,200-tonne tunnel section was constructed on a site near the railway, before being transported to its final destination in one piece using 104 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporters (SPMT).

According to Mammoet, the rapid replacement solution - which it claims was a first for Poland - allowed the tunnel section to be installed with only 18 days of disruption to train services.

The installation of the second tunnel section marks the end of this project for Mammoet, which was also responsible for installing the first section in June of this year.