August 8 - Oznakliyat Kara Tasimaciligi has been awarded a yearly contract for the precarriage of wind turbine blades from their manufacturer's factory in Turkey to the port of Izmir.

Oznakliyat claims that the blades are the longest ones manufactured in Turkey, with single lengths of 58.5 m and weights of 12 tonnes.

In order to avoid danger to traffic in city areas, Oznakliyat explained that it conducted a trial run with a prototype blade, before beginning the transport of the actual blades.



The company has also transported a 270.3-tonne broken transformer, which had the dimensions 10.5 m x 3.8 m x 4.6 m, a distance of 44 km from Derince port to the Alstom factory in Gebze for repair.

The transformer was lifted with an oceangoing vessel's own cranes directly onto the company's 350-tonne capacity girder bridge. The total length of the transport combination, which included 20 hydraulic axles, was around 73.5 m.

Oznakliyat explained that the entrance to the factory was too small for the girder bridge to enter, so the cargo was transferred onto a 13-axle hydraulic trailer using two mobile cranes - an AC700 and and AC1600 - and delivered to its final destination.

Oznakliyat Kara Tasimaciligi
is a member of the Priority Cargo Network in Turkey.