December 9 - Brazilian company Guindastes Tatuap

The crane, which has a load capacity of 220 tonnes and a 60 m telescopic boom, has already worked on a wide variety of sites, from football stadiums and factories to ports and railway tracks.

One of its current jobs is the erection of concrete beams for the construction of a new railway line operated by CPTM at Guarulhos Airport in Sao Paolo, which can now be completed earlier than planned thanks to the LTR 1220.

In comparison to conventional crawler cranes, LTR cranes can retract their telescopic booms easily if, for example, they have to travel over sites with steep gradients and then extend them again very quickly. "The costs on site are relatively low since they can be driven when fully equipped," said Guindastes Tatuapé director, Denys Garzon.

Guindastes Tatuapé also has four LTM 1220-5.2 telescopic mobile cranes from Liebherr and is satisfied with their flexible and multi-variable boom systems. "Why should we not invest in a crane of the same class with even greater versatility?" asked Garzon.