October 23 - Austria based heavy lift specialist Prangl has handled the removal of a 135-tonne throughput stabiliser, which had to be dismantled and lifted out of a factory production room through the roof.

The four components of the stabiliser in a plant at Bruck an der Mur in Austria had to be separately hoisted out of the building, with the heaviest part weighing 43.4 tonnes. The longest part lifted was 22.6 m.

The main work was performed by 500-tonne load capacity telescopic crane with a 42 m jib. A 100-tonne load capacity telescopic crane brought in for auxiliary lift was supported by a 55-tonne capacity telescopic crane.

The package of services provided by Prangl for the project included a transporter to take the individual sections to a local disposal company, with steel plates being placed along the unsurfaced parts of the route to avoid causing damage to the ground.