December 18 - Prangl's PFTV 300 blade transporter has been put to use for the first time in Germany at the Jerichower Land wind farm.

An eight-axle self-propelled heavy load trailer - the PSF 3000 - and the PFTV 300 were employed to deliver the 54.5 m long and 12.3-tonne rotor blades to their destination. Two bottlenecks en route required the use of Prangl's bespoke blade transporter.

Firstly, the turbine blades had to be lowered completely in a very narrow tree-lined lane before entering the village of Vieritz. The PSF 3000 allowed the rotor blade to be manoeuvred without trimming the trees on the side of the road.

A 90-degree bend in the village proved the second challenge. In order to avoid driving on the pavement, the turbine blades were lifted approximately 50 degrees so that the vehicle could remain on the road and the blade avoid damaging nearby houses.

The 9 MW Jerichower Land wind farm in Saxony-Anhalt will be able to produce power for around 6,000 households.