November 14 - Prangl will demonstrate its wind power plant transport equipment prior to the Austrian Wind Symposium (AWES), taking place at Aula der Wissenschaften, Vienna, from December 3-4, 2014.

Prangl will show the capabilities of its self-propelled and blade trailers by transporting a 16 m blade through Vienna's compact city centre.

According to Prangl, it is heavily involved in the transport of wind power plant equipment, playing a role in virtually all wind farms developments in Austria. The topography of the country poses numerous challenges including forest roads, sharp bends and hills.

Prangl's self-propelled heavy-duty modules are well suited to negotiate these conditions. Thanks to the equipment's hydrostatic traction drive, continuous, smooth movement is possible when highly loaded and under the toughest conditions, said the company. Multiple modules can be coupled together according to the length of the load and can be driven and steered from a single drive unit.

In conjunction with a bespoke blade transport trailer that was developed together with Prangl, the self-propelled trailers are ideally suited for use in wind farm developments on mountains and in forests.

The unit fits all blade types and can handle weights of up to 25 tonnes, says Prangl. It is also possible to rotate the blade in all directions and to raise it by up to 60 degrees without stopping, enabling tight curves and obstacles to be overcome.

"We want to promote the technical innovations of the blade transport unit that we helped to develop and have therefore decided to showcase it before it arrives in the AWES", explains Christian Prangl, managing director of the company. "There is virtually never an opportunity to showcase this type of equipment in the city centre."