November 7 - Prangl transported Austria's largest demolition excavator from the Voitsberg power plant to the Gerhard-Hanappi football stadium in Vienna.

The SK Rapid Wien stadium has been a construction site since the beginning of October. The 171-tonne excavator will be used to demolish large areas of the stadium.

Due to the sheer size of the excavator, it had to be disassembled and transported in four separate parts.

The 10.25 m long, 4 m wide and 96 tonne basic unit was transported using one 4-axle trailer and a telescopic excavator deck. The large excavator arm (28 m long, 35 tonnes) was moved using a three-axle trailer and a low-bed semi-trailer. Finally, two flatdeck trailers carried the small arm and the counterweight to the building site.

Selecting the optimum route was challenging, due to the overall length of the trailer combinations and the heavy weights involved. Furthermore, the only access road to the stadium grounds had to be clear for trams at 0400hrs, meaning there was only a limited window of opportunity to complete the move.

Demolition of the stadium is expected to continue until January 2015, and construction works for the new development are expected to start in the middle of February 2015.