June 24 - ALE has transported two LPG storage tanks some 600 km from Umm Qasr port to Badra Oil Field in Iraq on behalf of Samsung Engineering and Construction Limited (SECL).

Preparations to move the two tanks, measuring 50 m in length and weighing 250 tonnes, started in June 2012 with a route survey, which highlighted some challenging crossings, such as passing over 11 bridges and negotiating obstacles.

The tanks were moved from Umm Qasr port via three prime movers and two 24 axle lines of conventional trailers, which enabled the load to be spread safely whilst crossing the 11 bridges on route to Badra Oil Field, covering the 600 km in 12 days.

ALE's country manager for Iraq, Alberto Pittaluga, says that the deliveries were executed successfully as a result of the significant pre-planning that took place. "ALE obtained a complete mastery of the routing and its constraints allowing the team to pre-plan and propose a technically driven solution. The team worked hard to navigate this challenging route, removing obstacles, constructing bypasses and engineering a trailer configuration to negotiate the multiple bridges."

An additional eight units have to be transported before October 2015.