November 3 - Fast-growing Project Cargo Network (PCN) has approved the application of General Transport AG, the Basel, Switzerland-based company formed by A. Max Bombis over 60 years ago and which has evolved into a general contractor for logistics soluti

At the beginning of 2011, General Transport became a member of the Geis Group, but continues to operate independently under the name of General Transport AG and its registered trademark Five Star (R).

Typical services offered by General Transport include low-interface logistics processes from the planning stage to final realisation for turbines and generators; pipelines and conveyor systems; transformers; machine tools; production systems for food; water treatment plants; textile machinery; production systems for the chemical and the food industry; locomotives; rolling stock; railroads, girder support structures; prefabricated members for building projects; spare parts and batch parts; as well as oversized and excessively heavy single units.

PCN now has 110 member companies spread across 65 countries.