August 14 - Chicago, USA headquartered PSC has unveiled its brand new self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) 600 trailer, aimed at heavy transport requirements inside nuclear facilities.

A nuclear power plant usually needs to remove and replace components in its reactor building; however, most transport devices either cannot fit through small entrances or lack the ability to manoeuver inside tight spaces.
With a height of 0.77 m and a width of 2.28 m, the SPMT 600 can fit into small spaces and despite is compact size it can handle 67.5 tonnes per unit (22.5 tonnes per axle line). Up to four trailers can be coupled side-by-side or end-to-end to meet specific load requirements.
Each self-leveling wheel unit has a steering and lifting cylinder to optimise control and traction. Pivoting wheels allow for the SPMT to move forwards, backwards and laterally. As each trailer has its own on board power supply, the units can rotate by 360 degrees without changing its midpoint without tangling power cables. Wireless controls allow for the SPMT operator to manoeuver the units with utmost precision.