September 3 - Fracht AG has handled the domestic transport of four coils within Spain.

Dimensions of 8.4 m x 7.36 m x 1.92 m and 55 tonnes necessitated the use of a special vehicle so that a continuous road transport from Barros (near Oviedo) to Cortes de Pallas (near Valencia) could be arranged, rather than a much more costly ocean transport around the entire Iberian Peninsula.

The first route surveys were undertaken in June 2009 which revealed challenging uphill gradients of up to 11 percent and permits from the authorities in Madrid were only granted after three face-to-face meetings between Frachtrepresentatives, the customer and the authorities in Madrid.

Along the route, Fracht had to organise police escorts and two supportcars and movement was only permitted at night.

Five days prior to each of the fours transports, Fracht had to inspect the whole route again to ensure that the roads were still passable and that there were no short-term construction sites on the way.

For the last 30 km from Bunols to Cortes de Pallas the roads had to be completely closed in both directions. The transit time for each journey was six days.