October 31 - R&B Global Projects is set to work with a Brazilian forwarding company, which is acting exclusively for an Australian-owned mining company, to transport over-dimensional cargoes, as well as containerised shipments, to the Amapari gold mine.

The cargo will originate from countries across western Europe, as well as from India and China, and will be delivered to the mine located 15 km from the town of Serra do Navio in the state of Amapá, northern Brazil.

The first shipment will see R&B transport two ball mill rings, each measuring 6.2 m in diameter.

The majority of the cargoes will be unloaded at the Porto Vila do Condé in Barcarena, in the state of Pará, for onward transportation to the mine by R&B's project partner in Brazil.

Dave Roosen, director projects and sales at R&B says that his company was selected as a result of its proven experience with such projects. "Attention to detail with the shipments will be critical as the contractors have a duty reduction agreement with Brazil, which can be removed immediately if something goes wrong with the documentation. Hence the choice of a small hands-on team."